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We are Also a registerd UN Supplier & Active Contractor with many Global agency's.

Help us to meet our business needs in provideing our products & servies to humanatarian needs around the world, your contributions will go a long way in helping us to get to our goals of setting up Hospitals, Clinics, food centers & businesses to serve the poor and needey comumities; in poor and rual areas of the world and also to help us to supply and support the United Nations in their efforts. By donateing you will help all children without parents & homes, and help us to create jobs for the poor by helping us to set up employment with our business facilities in the areas with our proucts and services. All Donationas go to a fund to help fight hunger, poverty and for the betterment of Childern around the world.

We distribute directly from the manufacturers location and with our global strategic logistics, we can fully deploy any delivery Globally by Air or Sea.
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We want to establish a business relationship with your company & country to in accordance with mutual agreements to procure supply contracts to your company. This would not only bring more business to your company but also make your brands & company more appealing to the global community and recognized as an established trademark company of quality, efficacy and service. We are the No#1 Business supply company in North America no other company can bring you all business supplies, machinery & industrial supply under one company we sell and distribute from a global source of manufacturers whatever your business needs are we can supply you Wholesale., We serve everyone in the International Community.

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We Finance all business types, weather your small or large, just begining there is an option for you.



Executive Summary:





About the Owner & Chairman

      I have nine years working in the retail banking and commercial banking sector selling financial products to retail customers and businesses to C level Executives and upwards and held lower management positions in retail banking. My job was not only to sell the accounts and loans, credit packages, home equity loans and mortgages but also manage the accounts in the millions to the billions & in conjunction to everyday retail and prospecting to prospect for new business for the bank, in a business development capacity by methods inside sales of calling and setting up appointments and outbound selling and relationship building as well as consultative selling and development of Accounts and finance for the Banks. Currently with the development of my own company I am a Financial Vendor and business partner in United States Financial Firms Paramount Financial LLC and Rainstar Capital.

     I currently run my own company, a global Wholesale, Distribution & Retail Business in sales of All industrial and consumer products ranging from Medical devices and pharmaceuticals, Building materials, Construction machinery to Chemicals, Cosmetics, manufacturing machinery, Recycling plants, and all manufacturing plants; and manufacturing OEM for Business, IT Services. I currently have a customer base already established globally; without standing business worth can be worth in the Billions and climbing in popularity, and in conjunction with social media and professional networks using all these methods including B2B, B2C to C level executives and higher. I am capable of not only managing a business but also manage money in the Billions, I am now a partner with Private Equity Firms, Banks, Finance companies in the USA in Financing Global Projects and small to large businesses.         My business is a startup Established in 2011 and has been very successful due to my 20 years in the Finance sector business knowledge, expertise and business development in Finance Sales and experience retail Banking. Also with my Marketing coupled with my experience and online product marketing, developing and in person global prospecting for business in all levels.



 A manufacturers  agent and direct distributor of all foods, pastries, cakes, desserts, pasta's, Italian foods, cookies, gluten free foods, specialty foods, chocolates, candy, beverages, wines,  canned foods, pate’s, cheeses, water, energy drinks, salt, commercial restaurant equipment  & supplies etc. My products are very high quality and organically made, we sell by the container loads and we use Horizon freight group in NY, USA for shipping and Global Tranz for trucking. We would like to supply you with our Great products for the restaurant and hotel, cruise ship industry, retail & wholesale industry or any of your businesses. I hope you choose my company because were unmatched in Quality of products, delivery capacity & capability; we are able to split containers by pallet to all your locations throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico & we have full shipping capacity with many global logistic companies for international shipping.
Please feel free to contact us for any product information; I look forward to your business & corporation. 




Oil Pro 

Trust, Integrity, Loyalty and the pursuit of Good business in a Legal Fashion.

USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., Business Partner, Supplier's Code of Conduct.

USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., A Corporation in Whole, and any Divisions worldwide (collectively, under the corporation names (Brands) understand that our success depends on our reputation for ethical business performance and performing our jobs honestly, diligently and with integrity, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Consistent with our commitment to conduct business fairly and honestly, we seek out business partners and customers who share in our culture, values and business practices. This Supplier, Business Code of Conduct (this “Business, Supplier Code”) is a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the Company USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., establishes the standards for conducting business with not only suppliers but business partners.

For the purposes of this Supplier Business Code, “Supplier” means any company, corporation or other entity or person that sells, or seeks to sell, goods or services to us USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., including the Supplier’s employees, agents, subcontractors and other sub-tier sources.

Suppliers and business partners is responsible for communicating the contents of this Code of Conduct to its officers, directors, employees, agents, subcontractors and sub-tier sources who are involved in the procurement and production process related to products and services provided to USA Wholesalers direct Inc.


USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., do business throughout the world. Because of our global presence, a Supplier, business partner must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to its business in the countries where it does business, including all laws and regulations relating to each subject matter below. The Supplier, Business partner must recognize that our obligations and requirements extend to all countries where we do business and that in some cases, we USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., - and its suppliers, business partners - are required to conduct business in accordance with the laws of other countries in which we operate or conduct business with.


All Business partners, Suppliers will not intentionally source materials from supply chains associated with human trafficking and will take reasonable efforts to assure that its own suppliers comply with this requirement. Supplier, business partners must comply with all applicable local laws with respect to child labor. In the absence of such laws or in the event existing laws permit the hiring of a person younger than 15 years of age, the minimum age for employment or work by Supplier business partner will be no less than 15 years of age or the age for completing compulsory education in that country, whichever is higher. Supplier business partner must not use forced, bonded, involuntary, prison or indentured labor.


Supplier business partners must comply with all applicable local laws with respect to wage and hour laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours, and other elements of compensation, and will provide all legally mandated benefits. Supplier business partner will not require employees to work more than the maximum number of hours permitted under applicable laws.


All Supplier business partners must respect workers’ rights to associate freely, in compliance with existing local laws and without intimidation, reprisal or harassment. Workers’ rights under local laws to join labor unions seek representation and/or join worker’s councils should be acknowledged by the Supplier business partners, (We will not do business with organizations that is involved in Terrorism, drug trafficking, slavery, prostitution, corruptions of any kind or any secrete society’s that is involved in such activities and that does not do business in public open and fairness).


Supplier’s business partners must not discriminate against any worker in its hiring and employment practices based on race, color, religion, disability, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age or other characteristic protected by local law. Suppliers business partners must not discriminate against any worker based on political affiliation or union membership in its hiring and employment practices. Suppliers business partners will not require a pregnancy test prior to employment or otherwise require workers or potential workers to undergo medical tests that could be used in a discriminatory way, except where required by applicable laws, or where prudent for workplace safety.


Supplier business partners will treat its workers and partners with dignity and respect. Supplier and business partners will maintain a workplace free of harassment and discrimination and shall not threaten workers or subject them to harsh or inhumane treatment, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse. And we will discontinue any business with any one or supplier, business partner that is involved in any such activity in any part of the world.


All Suppliers and business partners will conduct its operations in compliance with applicable health and safety laws and regulations and provide its workers with a safe and healthy work environment. Where Supplier and business partners also provides accommodations for its workers, such accommodations shall be appropriate for its location and be clean, safe and, at a minimum, meet the basic needs of its workers.


All Suppliers and business partners will comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards and minimize any adverse impact on the environment. All Suppliers and business partners must endeavor to conserve natural resources and energy recycle and reduce or eliminate waste and the use of hazardous substances.


All Suppliers, business partners will cooperate in due diligence requests made by us with respect to the origin of intermediaries associated with the purchases of materials or products containing Conflict Minerals, whether or not those materials or products may have been mined or produced in the Covered Countries or obtained from recycled sources, in compliance with our reporting requirements under the US Dodd-Frank Section 1502. Where specified in a purchase order or supply agreement, Supplier business partners will comply with any of our requirement to provide products, components, parts and materials which are free of Conflict Minerals mined or produced in the Covered Countries in support of armed conflict in the region.

“Conflict Minerals” are tin (Cassiterite), tungsten (Wolframite), tantalum (Columbite-tantalite or coltan) and gold, and the derivative metals from these minerals.

The “Covered Countries” are the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, The Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.


Supplier’s business partners will not engage in collusive bidding, price fixing, price discrimination or other unfair trade practices in violation of applicable antitrust or competition laws. Supplier business partners will uphold fair business standards in advertising, sales and competition.


Supplier’s business partners must respect intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and process designs, and safeguard our confidential and proprietary information. Any transfer or sharing of technology or know-how must be done in a manner that protects intellectual property rights and is in compliance with local laws, including export laws, concerning data privacy and security.


All business partners & Suppliers will comply with all local laws concerning data security and privacy, and will protect and safeguard data provided by USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., which may include private and sensitive personal information. Any transfer or sharing of data must be done in a manner that protects such information from inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure and any disclosure must be in compliance with local laws.


All Business partners and Supplier is prohibited from engaging in any corruption, extortion or embezzlement, in any form. All business partners & Suppliers must comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate, the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Anti-Bribery Act, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and any international anti-corruption conventions. All business partners and Suppliers will not offer or accept bribes or employ other means to obtain an undue or improper advantage. Bribes, kickbacks, facilitating payments and similar payments to government officials or to any of our employees or agents acting on our USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., behalf are prohibited. All employees of USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., or suppliers, business partners are discouraged from accepting gifts or entertainment from any business partners suppliers, including gifts or entertainment of nominal value. When business meals are appropriate to further business relationships, those meals may not be extravagant in nature.


All business partners and Suppliers must maintain all documentation necessary to demonstrate its compliance with this business code and provide us with access to those documents upon our request for review. All business partners or suppliers nor any of its affiliates or authorized agents assumes obligation and duty to monitor and ensure compliance with this business Code. All business partners and Suppliers is solely responsible for compliance with this Code by its officers, directors, managers, employees, representatives and agents.


If a Supplier business partner violates any of the requirements contained in this business partner supplier Code, We USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., may immediately terminate its relationship with that Supplier or business partner. Violations of this Supplier, business Code should be reported to one of the following two confidential options: Owner & Chairman & CEO Larry A. Bridglal




All Categories:


·       Agriculture & Food

·       Apparel & Accessories

·       Arts & Crafts

·       Auto Parts & Accessories

·       Bags, Cases & Boxes

·       Chemicals

·       Computer Products

·       Construction & Decoration:


·       Consumer Electronics

·       Electrical & Electronics

·       Furniture

·       Health & Medicine

·       Industrial Equipment & Components:


·       Instruments & Meters

·       Light Industry & Daily Use

·       Lights & Lighting

·       Manufacturing & Processing Machinery:


·       Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy:


·       Office Supplies

·       Packaging & Printing

·       Security & Protection

·       Service

·       Sporting Goods & Recreation:


·       Textile

·       Tools & Hardware

·       Toys

·       Transportation


Business supplier / Products and services offered:


All foods:


Sea food entry’s, Pasta Entry’s, olive oils, drinks, Alcohols, All Grocery Supply & commodities packaged to your request with your brand logo & company information Free of charge for private labeling.




Supply of all Auto parts for Trucks, jeeps, cars, motor cycles, engine parts, hydraulic parts, tires, tools, aircraft parts, motor oil & lubricants made in Germany for all industrial uses and manufacturer of parts & engines for your needs.


Other Services:


Printing services, uniform manufacturer, brand recognition items, office supplies, paper, computers, laptops, industrial computers, airport screening machinery, electrical items, industrial lighting, led lights, full hotel supplies etc.


Vehicles Can Provide:


Trucks, Vans, Container loaders, tractor trucks, trailers, tankers for water, oil, chemicals, light trucks, gas tankers, cars, Jeeps, 4x4’s, electric cars, Airline towing vehicles, service vehicles, special vehicles / ramp vehicles, fire trucks, police vehicles, boats, jet sky’s, patrol boats, passenger boats, ferry’s, construction machinery, & can manufacturer to your specific requirements.


Manufacture ring & Power Solutions:


Generators, Bio fuel generators, waste recycling plant, solar generators 5000w each, all manufacture ring machinery, wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, hard ware, wood, steel, bricks, lights, bulbs, wires, pre-fabricated homes, Villa’s, Buildings to suit your every need.


Aviation & Aerospace products:


Air & Thermal Management Systems, Auxiliary Power Units, Cabin Entertainment, Communication, Navigation and Surveillance, Displays, Electric Power Systems, Boweing Engines, Engines Accessories, Flight Controls, Flight Management Systems, Information & Maintenance Management, Integrated Flight Decks, Lighting, Navigation Systems & Sensors, Safety Systems, Space Systems, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Wheels & Brakes etc.


It Services & for any Business or Country.


All made, delivered, constructed, serviced to your needs.  




All Categories:


·       Agriculture & Food

·       Apparel & Accessories

·       Arts & Crafts

·       Auto Parts & Accessories

·       Bags, Cases & Boxes

·       Chemicals

·       Computer Products

·       Construction & Decoration:


·       Consumer Electronics

·       Electrical & Electronics

·       Furniture

·       Health & Medicine

·       Industrial Equipment & Components:


·       Instruments & Meters

·       Light Industry & Daily Use

·       Lights & Lighting

·       Manufacturing & Processing Machinery


·       Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy:


·       Office Supplies

·       Packaging & Printing

·       Security & Protection

·       Service

·       Sporting Goods & Recreation:


·       Textile

·       Tools & Hardware

·       Toys

·       Transportation



Use of this Website
This website is owned and operated by USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., for your personal non-commercial use and information. Your use of this website is subject to the following terms and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing this website, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these terms. If you do not agree with any of the terms, please do not use this website.

Limitation of Liability

USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE. Your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using and accessing this website.

All the content of this website, including the text, images, drawings, graphics, illustrations and photographs is owned or otherwise provided by USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., and or our business partners and does not represent or warrant that such content does not infringe the rights of any other person or entity. All the content of this website is protected pursuant to the United States Copyright Act, the copyright laws of the other countries and under international treaties. Any unauthorized use of the content of this website, including all reproduction, distribution or redistribution, transmission or retransmission, communication to the public by telecommunication, performance, translation, distribution to the public or downloading is prohibited without written authorization of  USA Wholesalers Direct Inc.

The trade-marks displayed on this website are trade-marks, registered or unregistered, of  USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., or others, our business partners and suppliers, manufacturers which are the property of their respective owners, and may not be used without written authorization of USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., or of the owner of such trade-marks respectively.

Viruses,  etc.
USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., does not represent or warrant that the information or materials accessed from or through this website will be uninterrupted or free of errors, defects, viruses or other harmful components, or that any such problems which are discovered will be corrected.

Governing Law
This website is controlled and operated by USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., & the web server WIX, and these terms shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the applicable International laws of all countries without reference to principles of conflict of laws. You agree to be bound by such laws and to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the United States of America in connection with the interpretation or application of these terms.

These terms apply while you are accessing the website and remain in effect thereafter. In particular, the provisions set out in the sections hereof entitled "Limitation of Liability", "Copyright" and "Trademarks" shall survive even if this website is no longer accessible to you.

Ordering, Contact, Payment & Shipping Policy.

 Thank you for doing business with us, we will only take request for orders, business by professional LOI, Letter of interest for RFQ's only on company signed stationary with all company information included and with specific details about the products and services you want to purchase with shipping information and county of destination. (No information given over the phone All orders by LOI in writing only); All payments are by TT wire transfer up front only to my company the seller in whole. All TT payment have no additional charges once invoiced unless of unforeseeable circumstances in shipping, duties, tax; etc.

All shipping cost will be included in invoice to your company, all products will be invoiced "CIF only". We do not work on credit, (No LC, Do not ask for LC in payment for products.) No information on suppliers will be given to you as we are the supplier, manufacturer in whole. You will not be able to visit the supplier / manufacturer do not ask for this, all products we sell are certified by SGS, ISO, CE, FDA, HACCP, API Standards Etc, and with all other certification to meet the global market.

(All private inspection at buyers cost by SGS / SGS must Contact us for the inspection information (Not the Customer

 All contracts by governments and private firms will be looked at by our law firm before commission on any business, and meetings with our lawyers are mandatory in some business.


(For manufacturing, IT services and all other supply & business services payment by TT 100% in advance only.)


Option 1) All payments by TT 100% "CIF delivery only" per container or less. Pay by Credit Card/ TT/ PayPal, (All credit Cards Accepted AMEX, Discover, Visa, MC, Diners Club, etc.)


Option 2) And Depending on large orders and product 50 by TT Deposit in Advance minimum and 50 % by LC Accepted, (LC must be submitted at order) to be confirmed by bank.


Option 3) Order Producers: Submit LOI Letter of interest to purchase With your Bank information for LC Payment, Signing NCNDA, Thereafter--->Prices given CIF With product info for CIF Delivery with documentation, Submit an ICPO Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order--> Invoice with all charges Given to be confirmed.--> Shipping Commences Bank releases payment to our company at sight. 

"For most new customers 50% in Advance by TT Deposit & 50% by TT before Delivery. No Credit" 

(No Credit). (No Brokers).

NOTE: Any Cancellation of Orders or for non-compliance by the customer for not being able to pay 100% before delivery A 10% of the total order cost will be withheld from the deposit. 


NOTE: Document handling fees will be the Minimum of $100.00 USD per order and as required. 

Crude Oil & Crude Oil Products orders and payments are in accordance with the Refinery and Government regulations and standard, & “We will not work or sell to anyone making up their own policies”


Please Note In case of emergency:

Or Nationwide black outs of internet providers, telephone companies, banking systems, power companies, Natural disasters, we will continue business as usual, And We will accept Only : (Certified Bank checks ONLY payable in USD only), Cash (Currency) in US Dollars (Bank Strapped Only Stamped by the Bank) or GOLD bullions Certified by SGS or any other creditable organization only in person or delivered by amored car, currier UPS, DHL, Fed Ex etc. We will and can accept paper LOI & Orders and send invoices and bills and conduct all business transactions by paper mail or accept in person at our Corporate office locations in Boston MA United States Of America. For our customers serviced by our agents outside the United States Of America the same terms apply with regard to order taking and service only.

(In these circumstances of Emergency All payments go to the Corporate office Only, and delivered only to the

(Owner & Chairman Larry A. Bridglal in person). (These will be pre arranged conditions only and these terms is not to be confused with regular business practices and payments terms).


PLEASE NOTE FOR ALL ORDERS: There is a $400.00USD Fee for all LC payments, Document handling fee's will be the Minimum of $100.00 USD per order and as required. Bill of Landing Fees, Freight Fees, Insurance Fees, Fuel Surcharges Fee's will all be invoiced and paid in advance with deposit. 



Shipping, Trucking, Where houseing For our Customers in the USA & Canada Only


We can deliver all goods by Truck directly to your locations all across the Continent USA and cross border to Canada by containers or pallets split; we can also where house and ship to you as needed for our large clients. We have partnerships with Trucking and shipping companies in the USA that is ready and we can do anything for you. (All where house and storage, inventory fees will apply on your invoice or bill). We can also do Air Shipments Globally.

(Apply to be our customer), No Business Conducted unless Application is filled out and sent back with your documents.

(Apply to be our customer), No Business Conducted unless Application is filled out and sent back with your documents.

Please note:

No Brokers, No Credit, You must be a customer and the end buyer, you must have an account before we do business, Customers that we seek partership with to supply are Grocery stores, Restaurant Chains, Retail Chains, Hotel Chains, Small Business Owners, Bed & Breakfast, Gas Station Chains, Cruise Lines, Auto Dealers & Auto Manufacturers, Refinery's, Ship Builders, Oil Excavation Companies, Boutique Shops, Casino's, Manufacturers as such.

We do Business with Everyone, According to our Policy's and mutual agreements, contracts and Global partnerships. We Serve everyone in the International Community. The integrity of your personal information is our highest priority. We will not give your contact information to third parties without your permission, and will never sell your information to anyone for marketing purposes.




                                                                      Additional Payment Options


We will accept payment by Credit Card through PAYPAL, VISA, MC, AMEX, DINERS CLUB, DISCOVER CARD , in USA, Canada & Europe, globally only for small orders less than one container LCL only, and some orders only, not all products we will accept PayPal / CC for. The customer will pay for all PayPal fees 25%, and currency conversion fee’s in addition to regular tax, shipping, duties, bill of landing fees, and all other fee’s due in advance only invoiced with pay pal. Processing time for all PayPal orders will be an additional 2 weeks for payment processing with pay pal and banks. Buy now & Pay Later: When you need to buy something, you don’t want to wait.  With PayPal Credit you can buy now and pay later. When applying for PayPal Credit you will be asked to provide your date of birth, Social Security Number and accept the PayPal Credit terms.  You will receive a credit decision within seconds.  There is no annual fee to use PayPal Credit. You can easily manage your account through

For Suppliers, Vendors, Potential Business Partners.

Please be advised, that any orders for prices, must be in the form of an Letter Of Intent, (LOI) with proof of funds, (On bank letterhead no more than 10 days old), to pay in cash up front per my policy's.





All potential suppliers, if not already known please submit your company & business profile and information with all revelent information as follows:

Corprate Address location, website address, tax Id, registration number of business in your country, Dunn & Broad Street number, certificates of product manufactureing e.g. SGS, FDA, ISO, HACCP, etc. And all must be submitted by email in Western USA, EU Adobe PDF or MS Excel, word file. All pictures of products to be presented to potential customers must not have any watermark and all files must be editable by us, Any informaion on your company not provided that we can not verify will not be accepted and discarded.


Contact only: The Owner & Chairman, Mr Larry A. Bridglal @ / 

All potential Business partners for Business colabration & partnership are to make your presentations if not already known, please submit your company & business profile and information with all revelent information as follows along with your formal proposal:

Your Company Corprate Address location, website address, tax Id, registration number of business in your country, Dunn & Broad Street number, certificates of product manufactureing, business scope and interest for partnership and colabration or any other revelent information etc..

Contact in skype if not already contacted or known or personally meet with will not be accepted without formal introduction.

Any and all business meetings appointments have to be made only after first contact by email proposal unless your in the United States of America phone contact in Eastern NY time Mon to Fri 9:30 am to 5:00 pm is acceptable by the approprate corporate head of business discussions by your company.


Contact only: The Owner & Chairman, Larry A. Bridglal @,,  

Any Contact by any unprofessional manner will not be adheard to and all email, in zipped files if your not already a known as our supplier or Customer will be discarded automatically, any skype contact unscoliciated without good cause and in the same will not be reconised and discarded. Let's work together for Mutual Benefit, and Mutual Success based on honesty, fairness, integrity and mutual respect.


(All applications must be filled out in its entirety and it does not guaranty that your application or product submittal will be accepted or any business relationship will be invited or business will be conducted between the applicant and us, and product samples sent is non-binding that any business can be associated with such product to be used, sold or acquired by USA Wholesalers Direct Inc.,) (We will not pay for Samples or Shipping).



Applications can be emailed with all attached documentations, samples to be sent to the corporate location address below, Banking and all information will be verified by our legal team. 


All Brand promotions and advertising:


All Brand promotions will be at the vendor, manufacturer, and maker expense. The Manufacturer or brand maker, inventor, will have to pre pay for all brand submittal, promotions, advertising cost, advertising material and submittal cost to buyers & all free samples and with shipping and travel expenses to promote and sell the products to be paid our company USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., in advance only before any product is considered or will be considered. And all other promotions, communications and samples, marketing cost, advertising cost, and shipping cost of any materials and samples and all cost related to the product marketing and selling, promotions, advertising be it physical or electronic or in any other form etc., to be sent to buyers or USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., will be at the manufacturer, brand, and maker expense and billed accordingly to you.  


All other advertising cost, with respect to internet promotions, web marketing, TV, radio ads, brand billboards, mobile applications electronic or physical and all other marketing materials for advertising be it physical, electronic, and in any other form and all other related expenses for traveling etc., thereof for advertising and promotions will be at the manufacturer, brand maker, inventor cost in advance only and billed accordingly after pre payments: (please revert to our payment policy’s).  


Brand product submittal and dose not guaranty that it will be considered in any store, market, or to be bought and it does not guaranty that your application or product submittal will be accepted or any business relationship will be invited or business will be conducted between the applicant and us, and all product samples sent is non-binding that any business can be associated with such product to be used, sold or acquired by USA Wholesalers Direct Inc.,) or any potential customer.


Prior to any brand promotions, advertising, and selling submittal to buyers if USA Wholesalers Direct Inc., decide to accept the product for advertising, selling or promotions or selling of any kind of submittal to any buyers or to promote and advertise etc., there is a minimum of $500.00USD to be pre-paid in advance only by TT (please revert to our payment policy’s)., and All payments thereafter will be billed accordingly and all payments is none refundable, and all marketing material, samples is none refundable and non-binding. And any party can terminate at any time in writing.   

All Brand promotions and advertising, Trade Shows, Event Planning & Hosting Services:



  • Fill out the vendor business application, and send it in email format with all business information on your business & product, and all pertaining information pictures, prices, certificates, manufacturing information, Ingrediance used, health information, and all information pertaining to the products and or services needed and or all services that are needed to advertise, promote, sell and for submission to buyers (By LOI / Letter of Interest, Intent of Business).

  • If the services that are needed is not for a retail consumer product or consumer services all information and business required must be submitted by professional LOI / Letter of Intent, Interest of Business.   

  • All meetings that are needed or required by the applicant to discuss the business services needed are at the vendor, customer, applicant cost and pre scheduled and pre-arranged by mutual agreement of both parties.

  • The assessment fee for services needed as outlined a minimum of $500.00 USD is administrative cost or to prepare a quote or to asses business that is needed and subject to change at any time and with customer requirements at the vendor, customer cost and billed thereafter pre-payment. 

Retail Policy:


1) All sales are Final, no refunds or Exchanges unless received Damaged due to Shipping by courier.

2) Any product that the customer want to return if unsatisfied, it will be accepted back if the product it is unused and in original packaging and new condition as received will get a full refund, and the customer agrees to pay's for shipping in full. (With 15 days of Receipt) to return for the refund. 

3) (Please note there is a restocking fee of $50.00 that will be charged back to you.) 

4) All products come with manufacturer warranty; the customer agrees to pay for shipping of defective items back to the manufacturer for repairs if needed.

5) The customer agrees not to hold the seller liable for any loss of life or any other losses that which they may incur due to purchases and use of any product, damage from any fault in workmanship, faulty equipment's or duress from unsatisfactory products and or from any mishap in shipping, shipping time, damages, defective or poor quality or from any time and cost used by the customer in association with any business with the seller.

6) The customer agrees to pay all cost in full and all transaction fee's associated with purchases and returns and that of shipping in advance at time of checkout.

7) The customer agrees that shipping times are a 10 -to 15 day wait, after an order is placed and that any delay's normally associated with natural disasters, manufacturer delay's, courier delay in shipping that may occur is normal and not to hold the seller liable for delay's and time wasted.

8) The customer agree that any product that do not perform as advertised or expected to perform as advertised that they will not hold the seller liable for poor quality, workman ship or performance or misrepresentations of any kind. 

9) For wholesale orders the customer agrees to abide by the corporate policies on the company corporate site which is connected and that which is stated here and in the policy's section for all orders, ordering, payment and shipping.

Job Seeker, Employment & Notary Information. 

Job Seekers:


Are You Looking for a Job, all job seekers can email your resume to:

Employer’s need a Candidate for your company email all your company info, job description & contact information to:

Please go to my corporate page there are jobs posted on the Employment Page. And companies can contact me to find them a Candidate for their company for a fee after.


Anyone in Boston that needs a Notary can also contact me, I will only go to a professional location office. Loan Closings, Wills & Trust, Business Contracts $500.00USD Each. All other Notary Services $20.00USD Minimum fee per item. Email and by appointment only. 

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